BFF- Best Fringe Forever

So I'm really not one to follow trends. I consider myself to have a pretty classic style. I've always felt like I could rotate more items in my closet if I stick to more classic pieces. Like I'm not into jeans with stains on them and never will be. Im not into the cold shoulder look. Now I'm seeing the trend where everything looks like rain gear. Clear jackets, clear polyurethane boots, yea, that trend definitely isn't for me. What I am and always loved is a bell-bottom and some fringe. Put the two together and you have a fashion match made in heaven. I saw these jeans and instantly fell head over heels. I could see how this wouldn't be for everyone and could seem pretty trendy but hello, both fringe and bell bottoms have made comebacks several times throughout the years. I'd say its classic. Get into it and you'll definitely see me wearing these a time or ten.