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Foundation Fixation

Foundation Fixation

Hey Fam! Welcome to my Coverage Conundrum!

So I've been on the quest for the perfect foundation for over a decade. Its been one foundation trial after another and I openly admit that I'm such a sucker for trying out new foundations. Ive tried countless foundations with various claims - all day coverage, weightless, matte... I mean the claims go on for days. I'm usually looking for a full coverage foundation due to my skin woes and all too often the coverage takes priority over the formulation of the product so although the flaws are covered, I end up looking like a hot cake-y mess in a few hours. Not cute. I'm starting to get my skin on point and address some of the skin issues I have underneath the makeup. Once I get my sitchiation together maybe my needs will change. Until then, these are the primary things I currently look for in a foundation:

  • Lightweight - I need it to feel like skin. I don't want to feel like I have makeup on. 
  • Full coverage as I have some hyper pigmentation issues and acne scarring.
  • Matte- because, hello, I'm oily.

A few things to note about my skin- I’m combination-oily, acne-prone, sensitive and I have large pores in my cheek area. 😱 Fun!- but I will say my skin has come a long way. So if your skin is problematic like mine hopefully you'll like my faves below.

Next I'll say I've learned that being cheap and acne don't mix and since aint nobody got time for breakouts I can't play with cheap makeup so my list includes mid-range/high end foundations. So here we go ...

These are my top 5...and I love me some RiRi but no, Fenty did not make this list.

No doubt, my foundation bae is Urban Decay All Nighter. If you want mattifying full coverage and a flawless look that last literally all day and night, as the name implies, UD All-Nighter should be the first thing you reach for. Its literally sweat-proof. Heck, its life-proof. I go to the gym with it sometimes and walk out with my makeup in place and on point. Bible. The only draw back to this formula is that its a bit thicker and for times where you want the no-makeup, makeup look this isn't your girl. Your skin will look flawless but you won't get away with the natural look. A little goes a long way with this one. 


Of course Estee Lauder Double Wear made my list and honestly I love this equally as much as my UD. I could rant and rave all day about this one. ELDW boasts big claims and all its claims hold true plus the staying power is amazeballs. Its 'miracle' in a bottle. I just don't grab for it everyday but I do wear this multiple times a week. Absolutely no touch ups needed when I wear this baby and the best part is that its amazingly lightweight. False claim to it being a full coverage-its more medium buildable. It also makes the claim that its non-transferrable. IDK how any foundation can be non transferrable and this isn't one. 


My next fave would have to be Clinique Acne Solutions. Lil disclaimer I go hard for anything Clinique. I love their skincare products, so it was a no brainer for me to try their foundation geared for acne prone skin. I ❤️❤️❤️ this foundation !! For my ladies with acne prone skin who want a quick everyday beat, this does it every time. I wear it almost everyday over top my Clinique sunscreen and I stay matte. My days are no shorter than 10 hours and this baby stays put in the Florida humidity. 


Now I'll admit, YT got me on this one- Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.Its a new fave of mine. Just came out and it easily makes my top 5 list. Please believe the hype. This is everything you need to get yo' life in a  bottle. Longwear -yes. Second skin-yes. (Radiantly) Matte-yes .Go get you a bottle and join the Nars bandwagon. You'll thank me later. 


Now I'm not about that dewy life but if you make the right decision with your primer, this baby works beautifully for us oily girls. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation was my Holy Grail foundation for quite some time. Try this bad boy. It meets all my requirements beautifully and it feels and looks so good on the skin. 


Honorable mention would have to go to Mac Pro Longwear Foundation . It was my go-to before any of these and if you love the studio fix fluid, you’d be happy with the look you get with this foundation at a lower price point than my team listed above. 


Each one of these will provide you with a flattering finish and keep you relatively matte.  If you're as oily as me though you'll still have to blot but way less with these - they are my trusted allies in the war against Oil & Acne.










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