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Polka Dot Passion

Polka Dot Passion

Hi my name is Tia and I'm addicted to polka dots. 

Its true. Really theres no need for confession. Anyone who knows me or has seen me on more than one occasion has seen me dressed in polka dots. My mom started my obsession a long time ago- Blame her! Ive tried to embrace other patterns and truly I have a love for patterns but none can hold a candle to my love for polka dots. I mean, how can I describe it ?


Ive composed a poem for my love affair with polka dots.  Here it goes ......


I search for you day and night, 

For real , you make everything right

Words cannot express my love for you

You make me happy with what you do

You make me look classy and cute

It doesn't matter whether the dots are pink, black or blue

If I opened my closet and didn't see you, I really don't know what I'd do 

This isn't a haiku

Im professing my love for you 

Its not a game, what im saying Is true

Polka dots you make me whole

And I'm truly in love with you.




I truly love polka dots; they're a staple and a classic and forgive me in advance for my obsession. They make several appearances cuz its sorta like my uniform. 

Outfit details:

Yellow Earrings  (similar) | Shoes (currenlty on sale) | White Jeans (currently on sale) | Orange Crossbody  |  Polka Dot Wrap Top | 

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