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Hello Spring, good to see you !

Hello Spring, good to see you !


TBH, December and January make me cranky. They are the trickiest months to get through, for me.  (Along with my birth month) It’s something about the finality of the year ... and the pressure of a new beginning . ( and turning a year older) February is just a filler month, IMO, which to me explains why it’s the shortest. It gives me time to decompress and regain my sanity from the two previous months that caused so much anxiety. March is a more appropriate time to start redefining yourself and getting your life together, right? It’s a time of renewal and new beginnings. The earth starts to awaken , flowers start to bloom and I mean,   December is literally a matter of 31 days and we’re supposed to be resolved to be brand new?  I felt a more appropriate time to start refreshing my life would be spring. It’s no secret anyway that by January 30 most people will be doing the same things they were doing on December 31- MYSELF INCLUDED! Needless to say I wasn’t jumping on the New Years resolution bandwagon this time around. I figured I'd give myself a little more time to get some things together. 


My inner rebel staged a personal protest this year. I silently picketed my way thru January and  decided to skip all the shenanigans in the months to follow. Now that the “new year, new me” declarations have slowed to a creepy crawl and everybody's motivation has wained, I’m ready!  Ready to improve on the me that already exists.Yes, the same me, but with some upgrades . Tia two point eighteen, if you will ... Im going to make some gradual improvements and work on some important things like being a better wife, a better Christian , a better sister, a better daughter, but all other things take a back seat to this .

As a matter of fact, these are the only things I plan to work on this year and unfortunately if it doesn’t fall in any of these categories , it is what it is y’all! (sorry, not sorry) And maybe, well, hopefully you decide this too.

So,  with my plan to make my life and loved ones my first priority it means I have to let a lot of things go, and by things , I mean baggage and bad habits.


These include:

Seizing the moment ( I know this sounds cliche) but hear me out.

By seizing the moment I mean letting go of time wasting practices . Like binging on Netflix. Scrolling IG for hours ( who else hates that timelines aren’t chrono anymore?) Worrying ......! Caring what people think .... Etcetera etcetera, you get my drift- those moments that drain and waste precious time and energy . Wasting precious time is so 2017. #facts #aintnobodygottimeforthat 

the need to always say yes.

I’m allowing myself the right to say no whenever I please , for whatever reason I please without feeling the need give a reason for my decision. Now this is a huge undertaking for me- I’ve tried and failed at this several times. This is my year of manifesting NO. I’m realizing that “No” is a complete sentence. Maybe the occasional,  “No thanks.” The end. For anyone out there that I choose to say no to please understand that it’s not personal, it’s simply a step I’m taking this year to take care of me and mine .  #nah #byefelicia #notselfish #selfcare

Carrying debt .

Incidentally making 2018 ‘The year of No’ means that when i turn down that dinner invitation I’m not being selfish , I’m working toward my savings goal as well as my goal of being debt free. Realistically I’m not gonna clear up all my debt in 2018 , I’ll be paying student loans for the rest of my life. However,  I do plan to actively slash my debt in half and work on my baby steps with gazelle intensity , as Dave Ramsey would say. Wasting money is 2017 . #debtisdumb #byesallymae again, #ain'nobodeegott'time'fadat

Focusing on what I can control.

Primarily my thoughts. Our thoughts have so much power on how we choose to tackle each day. How we chose to view ourselves and others. Whether we see the glass half empty or half full or whether we realize how fortunate we are to even have a glass !(with anything in it.) #goodvibesonly in 2018. #goodvibetribe 

And finally ....

My muffintop. Enough said . Again, ain’t nobody got time for that !


Thanks for stopping by to read and support my blog. It truly means the world to me <3 #byefelicia

WTF --- What, Travel Fatigue?

WTF --- What, Travel Fatigue?

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