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WTF --- What, Travel Fatigue?

WTF --- What, Travel Fatigue?

Truthishly, I totally thought I was alone with this one. I thought I was making this one up until I decided to google (because it is thee authority) what I've been feeling. Apparently its a thing and by "it" I mean travel burnout. It’s hard to believe with all the glitz and glam we see thrown our way by the travel industry but every vagabond, nomad and wanderluster has probably gotten the travel blues; Where you want to pause on the exploration and just take a shower in your own bathroom, lay in your own bed and pull your clothes out of your own closet instead of your suitcase. 

No lie, its rare, but when it hits you, it hits you like a ton of bricks!

I've been on the go since October 2017, with the exception of the month of January ...🙄 ... its been one long flight after the next and I just dont see how normal people do this month in and month out. That being said, Im putting a paper click on my travels, pumping the brakes on my wandering and exploring my own backyard for a few months- no more long, transatlantic flights for a while. Don’t get me wrong, those who know me for real for real know that I’m already planning my next trip as soon as the last one is over but it feels like Im catching the travel flu. I gotta shake this weird I wanna stay home feeling. Its cray .. part of me wants to totally book my multi-country adventure while the other part of me is warring to stay home for a bit. Really though it could be my style of travel. I work full time so vacation time is precious- I only get a set amount of vacation days per year and so I tend to get overly ambitious and pack as much as I can into one trip. Most times I come back exhausted feeling like I need a vacation after my vacation. Its the ‘type A’ in me and I sabotage myself but we all know that there’s so much to account for on the road and so many things that can go wrong while away so to diminish the chance of disaster, I plan! Before the wheels fall off my wander wagon I’ll take the time for a tune up. If you’ve had these feelings, you’re not alone. It’s ok to let the jet-setter in you recuperate.

With the help of Google I've compiled a list of ways to combat the travel blues ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Slow things down entirely. Whether you're at home or abroad, take a breather and just relax. Erase everything off your to-do list and turn it into a don't-do list. Don't think, don't do. Just catch up on some R&R, thats Rum and Relaxation by the way.  Take the time you need to rejuvenate and don't feel guilty about it. Either mentally or physically, your body needs it.  

2. Reflect

After you've taken a bit of R&R its time to reflect on why you're feeling the way you are. Simply put, you can't fix what you aren't aware of so buckle down and thoroughly assess what's causing your travel blues. 

3. Reconnect

Reconnect with what you love and what makes you happy. Meet up with friends (one who doesn't require much energy and effort to be around) and let loose. Go to the beach or catch a movie. Do some things that help to bring balance back.

Extra tip, when planning specific vacations know your limits . For instance, for cruises I know I cap out at 5-7 days, anything beyond that is misery for me. For international trips I’ve learned my max is right around 14 days- I’ve done longer and it’s funny I don’t miss people,  I start to crave my normal routine and if I’m entirely honest its not about waking up in my bed, hitting my snooze button 3x, turning on my own shower or driving my same route to work every morning I'm aware that it's purely emotional. So I surrender.

If I’m only doing one destination, I only need about 4 days then I’m ready to hit the road. Call it ADHD , OCD , whatever u want - I know my attention span is short and therefore plan my trips accordingly. Hopefully these tips help! For your viewing pleasure here’s some burned out , passed out pix of me while on the road.



This is how you let the stewardess know not to even think about waking you up to eat



Passed out on the couch after a long day in Cartagena ,Colombia 



 "I'll watch the bags" nap in Singapore 

Without Fear or Shame

Without Fear or Shame

Hello Spring, good to see you !

Hello Spring, good to see you !