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Masterpiece YET Work in Progress

Masterpiece YET Work in Progress

Yep, you read that right! Im allowed. I’m allowing myself to be both.

Perfection is not real! Let me say that again, PERFECTION is not real !!! We know this but in a world filled with filters, curated photos, flawless faces contoured for IG its so hard to actually believe and accept !! Evvvvrybody wants to "slay" all day ... and it just aint real y'all , dont believe the hype! Its tough to feel like you're enough ! That your life is enough. But being and owning who you are, with no masks, is an act of courage ! Its a big step in one's life. That's the step I'm climbing up. And it's not just any ol' step- it's Mount Everest huge. Took me a while to even start the climb.. but I'm embracing ME, something I've struggled with for quite some time.

So, my personal blog will document that journey! The adventure and the ordinary ! The ups and downs, highs and lows, the joys and pains !!!

I am a woman , strong and weak. Complex and simple .. driven and lazy!  Bad and bougie (tehe lol) Happy and depressed, fly and basic , all at once! AND... thats ok! I'm multifaceted ! A masterpiece, yet still, a work in progress!

Welcome aboard, buckle up.. I hope you enjoy the ride! 


All Day Dreaming 

Cape Town's Table Mountain

Cape Town's Table Mountain

Under Construction !