Hey Dreamers! So glad you're here!

All Day Dreaming is a personal blog, a platform where I've decided to live out my dreams, release my fears and share it all with the internet-world!

So, allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Tia. Born and bred in good ol' Dade County. I used to cringe when people called me feisty, but now I own it- loving the fact that I'm a 5 foot, petite powerhouse. I love the color Black (it is a color) , denim , but most of all, I adore Polka Dots and handbags ! You can catch me enjoying life's simple pleasures with my lovely, husband Courtney. I LOVE to travel and spend time with family. Blah blah blah.. yata yata yata.. Me, in a nutshell! oh yea, I'm vegan.

I don't like excuses... People who make excuses ..WORK..& coconut shavings ! Anything else, I can tolerate :)

I'll add more to this page later, but for now, thanks again for stopping by! I hope you'll come again soon.

In the meantime, feel free to connect with me on Instagram @allday_dreamin . There's nothing I'd love more than to connect with a fellow Dreamer !!!

Welcome to my Wonderland,